Search Engine Optimization for your growing business

Neko Media provides SEO for small business owners & large corporation, offering you a partnership that delivers real time results. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will generate visitors to your website. Your website needs to be structured with the right content so potential new customers will find your business online. This is very important to get right in today’s competitive market. We have SEO packages that you can customize along side your current hosting plan, but ultimately when you are Neko's cllient we keep your website set up so that your business can thrive. If you do well in business, we succeed. We work with you one on one in a combination of creative & innovative ways. Our products and services are directed toward providing maximum visibility across the internet for businesses of any industry or size.

Web Hosting Services:

- Website Hosting for all Applications
- Web Hosting for small business
- Web Hosting with dedicated servers
- Mobile Development & Hosting
- eCommerce Web Hosting & Maintenance
- Yearly Email Hosting Plans
- Lightening Fast Web Hosting Solutions
- SSL Certificates on Demand
- Yearly Domain Registration

We Provide SEO Services

- SEO that works for all platforms
- Organic SEO for Small Business
- SEO & SEM for Large Corporations
- Search Engine Marketing
- Adword Management
- Pay Per Click Campaigns
- Google Business Consultation
- Facebook & twitter Social Media
- No contracts Involved

Google Ranking on First Page, Yahoo, Bing and more....

Please don't be fooled by these Companies that claim they can make you #1 on Google! You have no guarantee that you will stay in the number one spot. Mainly because the search engines shift and change algorithmicially on a constant basis. Each Website Hosting account requires on going maintenance, status changes, image changes & web content adjustments to challenge the rhythm & stay on top. We provide that service on a regular basis for the life of your hosting account. Organic SEO like you have never been offered in a Hosting Package.
Web Based Tools you get familiar with:

  • Google Search Tools
  • Advertising Services
  • Communication Tools
  • Publishing Tools
  • Development Tools
  • Security Tools
  • Statistical Tools
  • Development Tools
  • Security Tools
  • Statistical Tools
SEO #1on Google  
SEO #1on Google
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