Web Hosting

Support is really important when it comes to choosing your web hosting services. Are you tired of your current web hosting provider not giving you the service they promised? Do they answer your calls & provide reasonable support? Neko Media provides the best hosting packages with benefits in the business with exceptional technical support. If you are wanting to establish an online presence with a new website design or your just shopping for a website redesign, consider our hosting packages. With a website transfer we offer extra services for the life time of your web hosting account & client discount pricing for new Web Design & Development. We have a superior web hosting support team & website uptime. We are home to multiple networks, retailers, photographers, musicians, bloggers, small and large business ecommerce.

Check List For Choosing Web Hosting Services

Customer support
This is key. Who can you count on to help you when your website is showing programming errors, has been hacked or you simply want to update your images or content? We provide web design that is affordable, requires no contracts and can quickly be modified with our wide programmer base to support changes in your web design. If your looking for maintenance and continued seo, or you simply want us to maintain and perform small updates we have basic, enhanced and premium monthly packages to offer.

Stability & security requires stable backup solutions. If your website is compromised, make sure you site content is backed up by your hosting service company and is always easily accesible so you can get running quickly and easily. Neko Media keeps your content safely backed up so you don't have to think about it.

Systematic Calibration
Your web business will grow, your traffic will increase. This is what you should expect. Does your Hosting Service have the scalability to handle your growth? Choose a Hosting Service that can grow along with you. At Neko Media we have numerous dedicated server solutions and hosting packages that can be tailored to your web business needs as you grow with them. You never have to worry about that, it is part of our client consulting support.

What Services are included?
What's in it for you? Ask them What kind of services am I paying for when I pay for your hosting monthly? What benefits or features are included? Most of the time you will get a one sided answer with a long winded excuse as to why the service is so costly. Neko Media provides features & services with each hosting account. Choose a hosting package that fits your web business needs. Please take the time, to have a chat with one of our experts about our web service hosting benefits included in our hosting subscriptions & plans.